Security Policy describes how SIA “UNISAT” uses and protects information You provide due registering or using online store services.

When SIA “UNISAT” asks you to specify any information, it is used, processed and stored in accordance with our safety policy. Becoming a registered user, you agree to the processing of the data you provide in registering and using our services.


Personal data

SIA “UNISAT” may collect, store and use the following personal data:

  • information about your computer and the web pages www.unisat.lv attendance and use (including your IP address, your geographic location, web browser type);
  • information about any transactions that have taken place between You and the company SIA “UNISAT” (including information related to the orders);
  • information You provide due registration;
  • information that you provide to log SIA “UNISAT” deported news and shares of the goods or receive reports on the questionnaire forms;
  • any other information that you want to send us.


SIA “UNISAT” may use your personal data to:

  • provide You the opportunity to use the website www.unisat.lv available services;
  • manage the websites www.unisat.lv;
  • personalized services provided or website www.unisat.lv;
  • send you notifications, invoices and make payments;
  • send you e-mail messages, which you have signed on;
  • send you newsletters and other marketing messages;
  • refer to your questions or complaints about websites www.unisat.lv.


Information to third parties

SIA “UNISAT” may disclose information about You to any SIA “UNISAT” employee only so far as it is stipulated in the security policy. In addition, we may disclose information about you:

  • so far as it complies with laws and regulations;
  • in connection with any legal proceedings;
  • to defend their legal rights (including the transmission of information to others, in order to prevent fraudulent activity).

We use Google Analytics to analyse the program websites www.unisat.lv visit. Using cookies, which are stored on our servers, Google Analytics collects statistical and other information on the website www.unisat.lv. The information is collected in connection with the website www.unisat.lv be stored by Google. Google’s privacy policy is available here.

(Confidentiality and the protection of personal data), provided that the client’s data and confidential information may be disclosed to a person who has directly or indirectly participated in unisat.eu or any person controlled by that person only if disclosure of such information or data is necessary, In order to ensure compliance with the regulatory enactments regulating the activities of such persons.
The rules on the use of electronic mail in communication with the client and the risks involved are clarified and supplemented, stating that both in communication with the customer and in cases where unisat.eu, in accordance with the general terms of business, sends e-mail containing information to other persons, unisat. eu may not use cryptographic means or other logical remedies, except for cases specified in regulatory enactments when such means are mandatory to be used.


www.unisat.lv homepage uses cookies technology. These cookies inform us whether you have previously visited our website, or you are a new user, and what you have viewed on our website. We use cookies to accumulate any personal information about you and does not offer Us the opportunity to contact you and the cookie does not load any kind of information from your PC.


Privacy protection

All the customer’s personal data by visiting the online store www.unisat.lv and making payment for goods are considered to be confidential information, except in cases where the courier to deliver a product, you need to know the customer’s name, address and telephone number, as well as in other cases, provided for in the legislation.


Data protection

Data transfer encrypted channel ensures the customer’s personal data and bank details secure. SIA “UNISAT” do not have access to this data.


The others

This privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice. The latest version of the privacy policy, which is posted on the website www.unisat.lv, replaces all previous versions of the privacy policy. If you have any questions or concerns about www.unisat.lv privacy policy, please write to the e-mail address: info@www.unisat.lv


Business conditions

To exclude unnecessary delays and disagreements over the agreement of the purchase, please consult and accept the following conditions join SIA “UNISAT”, unified registration No. 40003542424 (further – UNISAT) as the proposed acquisition of the goods.


  1. As UNISAT goods offered for sale on the internet happens to currently offer mediation, according to the Latvian Consumer Protection Act (CRPL) Article 10, in such a case, the customer placing an order, the buyer and seller is concluded distance contract.
  2. Checkout is possible at www.unisat.lv website: Kalna Street 2 or via phone 67144248
  3. UNISAT all prices are listed, including value added tax 21%. The price offered is valid for a period specified in the goods. Delivery service costs are not included in the indicated price.
  4. Goods ordered and the selected delivery service can be payed via bank transfer. It is also possible to pay for goods upon receipt of cash or payment card (only at customer service center Kalna Street 2, Riga).
  5. When ordering, it is necessary to define the e-mail address so that to the client may be sent the instructions, the bill, etc. required documentation.
  6. Ordering we choose one of the three goods receipt forms: free – ordered item is received at Customer Service Center Kalna Street 2, Riga, economic delivery – ordered item is received at one of the largest Latvian shopping centers, comfort delivery – courier company deliveres the goods ordered to the recipient’s address. In all cases, delivery time is agreed during the ordering. In the case of multiple goods ordered by the delivery, the customer can get all the items together or in parts.
  7. Ordered goods need to be received within three working days from the moment UNISAT announced that the order produced is ready to receive.
  8. Product leaflet after goods received is sent to the customer by e-mail. In the case of problems
  9. Mail to: info@www.unisat.lv or by phone +371 67144248.
  10. Before you begin to use the purchased product, please carefully read the instructions and use product only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, in accordance with the characteristics of the product and intended use purposes.
  11. If you change your mind and decide to withdraw the purchase, the Latvian Consumer Protection Act (CRPL) and regulatory Cabinet Regulations Nr.255 “Regulations on distance contracts” (Cabinet Regulations no. 255) states that the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days time and return the online store the purchased item back to the seller. CRPL Article 12, paragraph 6 provides that abandoning the purchase of a distance contract, “the consumer is responsible for product quality and safety preservation of the withdrawal right is exercised within the time limit.” We recommend that you keep the original packaging of goods, to exercise the right of withdrawal in accordance with the distance contract rules, the product is not externally mechanically damaged. To agree on the return of the goods, please complete the withdrawal form and contact us by e-mail: info@unisat.lv or by phone: +371 67144248, indicating the order number and date. You can download the return form HERE.
  12. If the goods during the use of the product has encountered technical problems, the goods service maintenance will be carried out in accordance with Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Law (CRPL) norms. Product Maintenance Service time is indicated in its description. To make the purchase, along with a product the buyer will be issued an electronic bill of lading, which presents the information on the goods service maintenance. Bill of lading is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature. Purchase document shall be valid only if they correctly and clearly stated: the goods model, serial number, date of sale. Purchase documents prohibited to make any changes, delete or overwrite the data they contain – in this case, service documents will be declared null and void.
  13. We remind you that CRPL provision does not apply to cases where the product purchased by legal persons.
  14. Subject to the provisions of Latvian legislation, SIA UNISAT keeps the buyers purchase agreements signed in accounting, agreements which are concluded with leasing companies retain at the leasing company.
  15. Online Shop UNISAT reserves the right not to serve the order, if the Internet shop fails to communicate with the client by his pointed in the phone number or e-mail.
  16. Maximum one order amount is € 2000. If you choose to pay the order by bank card, please before payment consult with your bank card daily payment limits.

Customer can make purchase using bank card. Money for the purchase can be given back only by the way they were received for the purchase.

In case of questions You can call +371 26768690 or by e-mail: info@unisat.lv


Privacy policy

SIA “UNISAT” registration number: 40003542424, legal address: Kalna Street 2, Riga has an obligation to protect customer privacy. According to it, we have prepared a Privacy policy principles relating to customers personal data acquisition, use, publication, transfer and storage. Our activities on the web ar in accordance with Latvian legislation, as well as the relevant European Union legislation. Please take a few minutes to get familiar with our privacy policy principles.


  1. Data extraction and use

Considered as personal data information which UNISAT with the agreement of the individuals obtained in order to fulfill contractual obligations or to continue to communicate with these individuals.

Loyal clients personal data acquisition can take place as follows:

providing contact information (including your name, personal identity number, address, telephone number, email address, contact preferences) on our website or any other location (eg, store);

from the customer’s account on the website www.unisat.lv or using cookies;

making purchases or executing orders in our stores or web store, providing contact information, or maintaining any missing information in order to invoke their preferred purchase type (UNISAT may request voluntary personal data or personal information to some website pages. Required personal information can be your name, postcode, e-mail address, telephone number and other information);

a request for payment.


  1. Other information extraction

We are also collecting anonymous information, that is, a message that is not attributable to a particular people (data on gender, age, dominant language, location) and does not allow the direct or indirect identification of client.

In addition, we can also collect general information about the customer activities in our stores and website. This information is collected and used so that we can provide customers information on what goods, services and sections attract the most interest. General information in this Privacy Policy are used as anonymous messages.


  1. Use of obtained customer’s personal data

Using any personal data collected, we can UNISAT inform customers about upcoming events, campaigns and news. Customers who our latest news outbox or information about them, probably do not want to receive the goods of interest, may at any time be removed from a target group list. Use any personal data collected, including through the delivery of the goods and the performance of the obligations imposed on customers with signed contracts.

Better customer service UNISAT information about individual customers may be disclosed to third parties who provide services to UNISAT and are bound by an agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information. For third parties should be considered, such as our business partners, which have purchased on the web delivery of goods or payment of the service.


  1. Transfer of personal data to foreign countries

UNISAT will make every effort to ensure that, if the customer’s personal data are transferred to foreign countries, they are provided with an appropriate level of security.

UNISAT shall not disclose the customer’s personal data to any other organization or person who is in a country that does not ensure an adequate level of protection of personal data, except in the following cases:

– the client has agreed;

– transfer of personal data is necessary to conclude a contract with a client or meet with clients already existing agreement;

– transfer of personal data is necessary to conclude a contract or to meet the interests of the client’s existing contracts;

– transfer of personal data is permitted under the applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Obtained the customer’s personal data modification

Customer’s identification and communication with their personal data collected can be viewed, changed and supplemented our website www.unisat.lv section “My information”.

UNISAT undertake to ensure the customer’s personal data obtained precision and accuracy.

If client change the e-mail address (which is used as a sign of client authorization UNISAT website), please inform us about it, because the client can not change yourself.


  1. Customer’s personal data protection

UNISAT shall take all precautionary measures (including administrative, technical and physical) to protect customers’ personal data. Access to the data processing and change functions only to authorized persons.


  1. Access to customers’ personal data

Client by submitting a written reasoned request, can be entitled to receive the following information:

– any information about the client is acquired, the data source when contained data was changed (if permitted by the laws and regulations);

– for what purpose processing of personal data was made, details of personal data recipients;

– information on whether the data have been processed intelligent.


  1. Security

All customers’ personal data, which have become known to UNISAT web store during the visit and making purchases shall be regarded as confidential information.

Encrypted channel for data transfer between banks provide customer personal data and bank details secure.

To protect the interests of the client, we provide:

– fair and lawful processing of personal data;

– processing of personal data only in accordance with that purpose and to the extent necessary;

– the storage of personal data which provides the ability to identify clients at any given time, which extends beyond the stated purpose for the data processing period;

– the precise processing of personal data and the timely updating, correction or deletion, if personal data are incomplete or inaccurate.

The customer has the right to reasonably require for his or her personal data be supplemented, corrected, as well as to personal data processing to be terminated or data to be deleted if they are out of date, incomplete, false, unlawfully processed or no longer meets the initially mentioned data processing purposes.


  1. Privacy policy provisions and amendments

We assume that prior to our website usage or by filling out a request to become a regular customer, client have read our Privacy Policy principles and rules, and have accepted them. We reserve the right to amend the Privacy Policy in the main terms of informing all their regular customers.

Privacy Policy or data processing issues and challenges, as well as in cases where the customer wants to withdraw from the commercial message receipt or completely delete your data from your profile, please contact us via e-mail info@www.unisat.lv.



UNISAT online shop provides its customers three delivery options:

Choosing to receive product at Omniva delivery throughout the Latvian territory

S – 38cmx64cmx9cm max 30kg – 2,80

M – 38cmx64cmx19cm max 30kg – 3,40

L – 38cmx64cmx39cm max 30 kg – 4,-


Express delivery by UNISAT courier at Riga on the purchase day.

* Express delivery price is EUR 15.00. About the possibility of delivery in the same day consulting service personnel, because it depends if the courier is busy and is chosen product is available.

Courier provides product delivery to the house door.



If the item is located at Latvian warehouse, the delivery is 1-2 working days throughout the Latvian territory!

If the goods are available to order and not on the Latvian stock, the delivery time can be up to 14 days!

For some products delivery time may be longer.

Courier provides product delivery to the house door.