Design and installation of low-current networks, television systems, security systems, innovative “Smart Home” systems, and other media devices and equipment.

We offer professional solutions for big and small projects considering individual requirements. Using high quality and modern technology in work ensures accomplished projects will stay actual for many years.

Television for private sector


In more than twenty years we’ve accomplished hundreds of installations at cottages, apartments and other private objects. Our works range from relatively simple “One TV” installations, and up to more difficult multi-room installations.
Depending on the difficulty of the project additional television network design may be necessary.



Our staff consists of professional mounting brigades with a lot of experience to ensure quality and fast installation of satellite and terrestrial television.



Unique projects, that require television access from multiple points, we offer our TV network design services. For example receiving a signal from multiple antennas and consequent access from multiple rooms requires router, splitter and combiner planning.



Unisat shop and e-store offer a wide assortment of satellite and terrestrial TV equipment. Satellite antennas, LNB converters, Sat-Receivers for Open access TV, and CAM-module receivers are available for purchase.

We also have terrestrial DVB-T receivers in stock, as well as IPTV consoles for watching media content over the internet.

Professionals will find quality materials and tools.

Repairs and modernization


Warranty repairs of our and third party installed objects.
We also offer modernizing existing TV systems to modern standards.

Television for commercial sector


Hotel management is always interested in providing their visitors quality and international TV content. Apartment owners in new building complexes are interested in satellite and terrestrial television availability in their home.

Company has lots of experience in installing many room television networks. At this time we maintain dozens of objects, including hotels and government projects.

Consulting on television signal receiving and routing systems


Large experience participating in non-standard projects allows us to swiftly give our clients quality advice. Timely consultation can save finance, as well as possibly prevent unnecessary equipment or service purchase.

Television system design of various complexity


TV system design for commercial objects lowers the risk of future expenditures. Television system installation has its own specific requirements. Timely designed project guarantees the further success.

Television system installation


Профессиональный монтаж и качественное оборудование обеспечивают надёжность будущей системы. В данный момент предлагается современная цифровая телевизионная система WISI, позволяющая транслировать сигнал без потери качества.

Television system maintenance


Qualified maintenance of television systems and satellite equipment. Existing TV structure modernization and adjustment.

Smart Home


“Smart Home” system allows you to take control of your home locally and remotely. Water and smoke sensors, light and electricity control, alarm system and many others will be conveniently available anywhere.

Universal access with a computer, iPhone or Android allow you to track the security of your house even from another country. The newest equipment with Z-wave protocol don’t need electricity, and every device works as a data transmitter.

Videowall, Signage panels and Ticker display


Videowalls, Digital Signage panels may be used in advertising or information purposes.
Seamless videowall can display various information: from info windows to video and interactive media.
Signage panel will attract customers with its bright and crisp picture, and it doesn’t require constant internet connection to update. Function rich content management system allows creating flashy presentations, video advertisements and interactive or real time media.
Ticker display attracts customers to your store with bright LED lighting. One display module consists of XXX LED lights, and the maximum size can reach up to XXX mm * XXX mm.

Video surveillance


Quality video surveillance system guards your home, family and property. Our experience in installing and maintaining equipment will reassure the client of their home’s safety. Modern systems allow to see the camera picture in HD from any device even if you’re not home.

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